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Scheduling an Appointment

You can now schedule your 1st fitting or consultation appointments online 24/7; it's easy! You will receive confirmation and reminder
emails — just select service that you would like. Please read the description of the service if you think you have chosen the wrong service click change and you can go back. Select day, time and enter your info and you are done. This is the best way to set up appointments!

Appointments cannot be canceled and rescheduled within two days of original appointment online, please call 507 775-2018.

Alteration Time Guide


When you go online or call to set up an appointment, it could be two weeks before an opening is available.

2-3 weeks — FITTINGS

From 1st fitting to 2nd fitting, 2-3 weeks is my turnaround time, depending upon workload. I do not want more than three weeks (4 tops) between fittings. *** If a dress does not zip or is more than 3 sizes too big see below add 2-3 weeks for additional fitting.


I want dresses to be completed and picked up at least two weeks prior to wearing date. I do all the work myself, and if I got sick or a family emergency came up, I would need this time to reschedule.

6-7 weeks — This is the minimum amount of time to alter Maids, Mothers, and Prom.

***Additional 2-3 weeks Dress is mis-sized. There are always exceptions to this timeline; sometimes an extra fitting is needed. If a dress is too small and bodice doesn’t fit I will not be able to hem until bodice is fitting correctly which means an extra fitting. If a dress (wedding gown) is extra big and there is a lot of bodice work I will not hem until bodice is fitting correctly. Sometimes I need to tweak my work. :)

Wedding Gowns I like 8-10 weeks; usually, there is more work, and I like to have work done and gown ready four weeks before wear date.

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