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Please schedule appointment 8-10 weeks before wear date.**

1st Fitting Appointment

   *** bring shoes, slip and foundations you'll be wearing.

   ***I'll pin dress

   ***I'll give you total cost

   ***we'll set up 2nd fitting appointment

2nd Fitting Appointment

   ***bring shoes, slip and foundations

   ***bring personal attendant (to learn bustle)

   ***payment is due

   ***set up Pick-Up Appointment

Wedding Gown Price List

Hem $175-250.00
Shoulders (plain)* 45.00
Sideseams (plain)* 60.00
Bustle (per button) 10.00
Cups 15.00
Pressing 55-65.00

*Beadwork, lace, bands, pleats, and boning will be extra. Prices may vary depending upon trim and manufacturer. Quotes will be given when I can personally see you in dress and know exactly what needs to be done. I do offer free consultations for brides where I just give you prices and no pinning is done.

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